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Neo Geo CD

Started by kripp, May 15, 2006, 06:58:52 AM

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I've got a POWCD-E AC adaptor for my Neo Geo CD unit, the specs on it are as follows...

Input: AC110V-240V
         0.45A-0.25A   50/60Hz

Output: DC 5V2A
           DC 10V1A

It looks to me like a European power supply, the two round prongs on the end give that away. It has an adaptor for on the one end allowing it to be plugged into North American outlets.

Is this power supply safe to use with my Neo Geo CD unit in North America?



Well you know it'll work on US power: It says it'll do 110-240V, and it says it'll do 50/60Hz, and you have a US adaptor.  

Make sure the output voltages match your device and you're done.


There is a pinout of the Neo Geo side of the AC adaptor plug on the AC adaptor itself, a ground pin and two voltage supply pins (5v and 10v). I am not sure on the power requirements for the Neo Geo CD console itself. From what I understand about the console, it is a Japanese unit.

I do have a few problems with this console... the CD unit makes "clicking" noises, when you power off the unit the LED flashes before you release the power button and when the CD-ROM unit is accessing the disc, the RGB image flickers and dances.

Would improper AC adapter voltages be the cause for so many problems?



You haven't said which CD unit you have.  The top-loader has a hard powerswitch, so when it's off it's OFF.  The front loaders use a soft-power switch and need to shut down - they're troublesome at the best of times.  The CDZ uses a different power connector (it has notches in it, and different voltages than the other two).

The drive access flicker issue could be a result of bad power, though it's as likely a sign of a faulty PSU as a sign of the wrong voltages.  

As for clicking, those frontloaders are shitty at the best of times.  The drives are poorly made and often fail.  On the bright side they're the same unit as the front-loading SegaCD, so parts aren't hard to find (though SGCD units fail a lot too...)


The unit I have is a top loader. I had found one pinout for the Japanese power supply through Google and the voltages are the same. As for the pin orientation, I do not know, I would assume they are the same...

Are there any typical fixes for bunk CD-ROM units? I've noticed a bunch of websites offering console repairs, and most of them do service the Neo Geo CD units. Unless they have a stock pile of replacement parts fixing these (Neo Geo CD) should be doable.