Cleaning controllers (outside)

Started by o-o, April 03, 2006, 12:10:14 AM

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What things work best to clean controller casings really well?

Ive heard that windex works, (or licking :-) ...) but was hoping for something less/non-toxic.  Are there any other things that work well?

With some controllers Ive gotten used, there is a level of grime/oil that water or soap (hand or dishsoap, multiple times, even soaked in hot water..) doesnt remove



I've used Windex for a long time, it's not as strong as it used to be (they changed the forumula and wussified it a bit) but it's still very effective.  Windex and a toothbrush, along with some paper towel, will clean pretty much anything.  It'll even get into the groves on buttons and d-pads with minimal effort.

We used to clean dozens of controllers a  week at my store, and this method pretty much never failed.  The only thing it won't get rid of are stains on white consoles.  Stupid PC Engine...


You could also go to your local autoparts store and look for something such as Bondo brand (or other brand) glass cleaner, which comes in an aerosol can and shoots on as a foam (similar to scrubby bubbles) which evaporates, quickly.  This way you shouldn't have to worry about excess liquid falling inside the controller and harming something.  I'm not sure why you are looking for something less/non toxic... especially if it's in comparison to Windex.   :unsure:  Sometimes you can find this sort of cleaner without ammonia, which may be desirable since I suppose it's possible that ammonia has undesirable effects on plastics.  Your local automotive glass guy will use non-ammonia cleaners because otherwise his adhesive won't stick correctly to your windshield.



What about distilled white vinegar (odor?? its said to remove odor) +water/soap


"409 Glass and Surface Cleaner"