Snes 50/60 Hz mod problem

Started by IRONBERG, April 01, 2006, 10:22:59 PM

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I just moded my snes with the 50/60 Hz mod.

Alla games except Starwing works fine.

Starwing gets a pretty wide line a bit to the right from center that don�t update as often as the rest of the picture when I play it in 60 Hz mode.

Starfox is the only FX game I have tested.

Does anyone else experince the same problem or has I done something wrong?


I don't think theres much you can do about that.  I got the same with my modded SNES and StarWing.

Its probably best just to get a copy of StarFox off eBay and do the lockout mod aswell.  Thats what I did, but you will need to either transplant the Starfox PCB into a PAL shell if you don't want to file away the cart slot to get US carts to fit, or get a FX compatible converter.  Personally I use a Game Doctor SF7.  

As for other PAL FX games at 60Hz I can tell you that Doom, Vortex, Yoshi's Island and Winter Gold all work fine at 60Hz, barring the lockout screen at the start of some of them and miss timed music ques.

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Thx for the help.

I�ll just skip to get a starfox and live to play in 50 Hz.

I got a superkey converter that so far works with all games I have put in it including starwing (FX enabled) and super mario rpg (I guess I got the old version). Plus I don�t have to make a bigger slot.