Tri-Star and RGB out for NES/Famicom

Started by eastbayarb, April 17, 2008, 11:13:23 AM

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I got ahold of a Tri-Star adaptor for SNES/SFC (lets you play Famicom/NES games on a SNES/SFC) and although SNES works in RGB, NES/Famicom does not. Does anyone know why and if this can be fixed?


Richter X

Because the NES itself only outputted composite video. I doubt the NES-on-a-chip is any exception.


I thought the Tri-Star only did composite video...?
(I have one myself, though it's collecting dust  ;) )



i actually own the SUPER8

which is a tristar with a different company logo..

the adapters and or combo consoles will never have rgb for the 8bit famicom/nes unless you have an rgb modded famicom/nes...