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x68000, why?

Started by courtesi, March 21, 2006, 01:22:00 PM

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First of all, I am *NOT* bashing the x68000 - I've never owned one - so obviously I am outsider looking in.  But from what I've seen, the x68000 has some very excellent ports that are very close to the arcade original.  But it is with this that I ask: Why not just emulate the original arcade ROMs with MAME?

It seems like all the games are direct ports from the arcade unit - nothin seems original.  There is a castlevania game I see but it's also available on a PSX collection.  I'm trying to see the light, really.

Also, an *observation* - not getting critical.  I think it was written somewhere that the x68000 is much more powerful than the Amiga.  Well if you consider the original price of both systems don't you think the x68000 SHOULD have been more powerful?  :D

Honestly, I am just jealous...  :o  


The X68000 was the cream of the crop, the elite beast of its day.  It couldn't emulate the games, it wasn't powerful enough, so they were ported.  If you're asking why we buy original X68000 hardware instead of playing it on our PCs with mame, that's easy - real hardware is better than emulated.  If you question that, you wouldn't understand the answer.  =)

There were original softs - Lots of SegaCD games got their start on the X68, and games like ThunderForce 2 and Granada were better on the X68 than on the MegaDrive.

And let's face it, no other hardware looks as cool.


It's all about nostalgia. I almost bought a X68000 game on a visit to Japan (thinking it was a Japanese Amiga game).

Developing software for these older systems is also a lot of fun. I'm preparing to release Frog Feast for the X68000.