32x - Make Virtua Racing work

Started by blackevilweredragon, March 14, 2006, 03:28:49 PM

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Is there a way to mod my 32x to make my Virtua Racing game work through my 32X?  The version I am talking about is the Genesis version of VR..


No, you can't do this without deactivating every component of the 32x. The original Virtual Racing cart has the FX graphics chip that needs direct hardware access to several Genesis components, including the Z80 chip. This makes the cart incompatible with the 32x and some later revisions of the Genesis board (like the Genesis 3.) If you seriously want to leave the 32x plugged in, then you're looking at a switch that routes the VR cart pins through a second passthrough (and one for the video signal as well.)

-KKC, up too early.


Why don't you just unplug the 32X?

If you want to get the 32x version of the game, Maybe I can find it for you. I think that a local vendor has one for not too much. I'll see him sometime in the future, maybe.