need help finding bt9103kpj data sheet 3do fz1

Started by acem77, March 09, 2006, 09:30:08 AM

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i have searched google to no end. i have had no luck finding the data sheet for the bt9103kpj video encoder chip for my usa fz-1 3do.

if anyone can get any info on this would be great.


My goldstar 3DO uses the VP536 for a video encoder. It's probably a equivalent part to the one you have.


the vp536 does not have the same pin out.
i think i have most of my problems solved but it would be nice to have a data sheet still for the bt9103. i had the vp536 data sheet earlier but it turned out that i did not have the same chip in my 3do.

i did all the prep wiring in my 3do. now i need to wait till i get my custom pcb and parts to finish my rgb mod.