SNES 1-CHIP to be Modded

Started by NJAY, February 26, 2006, 04:57:03 AM

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HI !

I bought an old SNES at ebay to perform the Lockout and the 50/60 HZ Mod on it. But after opening the case i noticed that the layout of the board is totally different from all modding guides i know. So its a 1-chip-01 Mainboard. Is it possible to mod it ? And if it is possible, does somebody know where to find a guide or something like that ?

Sorry for my horrible english but my skills got rusty over the years :-( !




I don't know how to perform the 50/60Hz mod on it, but the lockout mod is the same. Just lift pin four on the chip.

And your English is practically flawless. :)


Hi !

THX for you reply. Its good to know that the Lockout mod will work. i was afraid to try because i thought Nintendo did something to prevent this too.




I don't think nintendo designed this new board because they didn't like that crazy people modified their units with 50/60 Hz switches :) , it's more probaby beacause with a single chipp it's a simpler and cheaper design.