GBA SP Screen/Case replacement

Started by A Murder of Crows, February 10, 2006, 03:00:16 AM

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A Murder of Crows

hey all

i've got a limited edition GBA SP and a newer backlit GBA SP.  i want to transfer screens and internals between them so my limited edition has the backlight.

anyone have really good detailed instructions with pix on how to do this?



actually, what i need is the instructions/pics on how to get to the screen without any problems....i can't ruin the rubber "feet"



If you dont want to ruin the rubber feet then you cant do it. The rubber feet are glued and will tear or crumble when messed with.

A Murder of Crows

yeah...saw that.....actually did it anyway though...wish i had something better to take out the feet with, but overall it worked out fine.   I now have a backlit Legend of Zelda GBA SP.  Going to do it with my NES style GBA SP next.