Quick question about American SNES modding

Started by FM-77, February 18, 2006, 10:27:45 PM

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I was wondering if the 50/60Hz mod applies to an American SNES as well. I am talking about this one.

All I need to know is if the PPU1/PPU2 chips have the same layout -- do I connect wires to PPU1 pin 24 and PPU2 pin 30 like a PAL SNES? Or does it look completely different? I don't have an American SNES so I can't take a look for myself.

Thanks in advance.


All SNES units are the same in all countries.  There are, however, different board revisions.  The board seen on that page is available in every region the SNES was sold, but there's no way to know if that's the one you have.