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Started by viletim!, February 22, 2006, 08:14:48 AM

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You deserve recognition for making use of an old Mac SE case. But given that the mod isn't directly related to gaming, I don't think that the lack of comments is a slight in any way. Don't be discouraged, we're just not the right collective audience.

-KKC, too tired to be witty.


Very cool!

What are the specs of the computer you used?


Thanks, It's got a 486 motherboard with a cyrix 5x86 cpu and 16mb of ram (it says 8mb on the page but i've upgraded it since).

kendrick, yeah, I think i'm just bad at guessing who'd be interested in it. Of the places I posted it to this post has generated the greatest response (I should say ANY response :).


Just gotta say, I find this very interesting. You made one before, didn't you? I read your old page very thoroughtly. It was very interesting indeed. Actually inspired me to do something similiar (that has yet to happen though).