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noob question

Started by ORTA, February 14, 2006, 05:06:47 PM

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    I'm not very familiar in PC but I just want to ask what does PS1/PS2 in a USB connector means?

   Sorry if this sounds ridiculous to you  :huh:  :unsure:  


A long time ago, IBM released a new computer, the IBM PS/2. It was a PC. However IBM had changed the size of the keyboard connector, and implemented a mouse connector. (Before then, there was no standard mouse connector - they tended to connect to the serial port). Prior to this, the keyboard connector was a 5 pin DIN, and became a 6pin miniDIN.

As the machine was known as the IBM PS/2, the new connectors became known as PS/2 connectors. If you're talking about keyboards/mice, then a number can talk both USB and PS/2 protocols, with the appropriate cable adaptor.
[ Not an authoritive source of information. ]


Thanks for the info Aidan :)