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Text LCD

Started by atom, January 30, 2006, 08:39:41 AM

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I am working on wiring up this lcd screen to the front of my computer to show instant messages, game stats, mp3s the weather, newsfeeds all sorts of neat stuff. I call it GAMESX style because it has to do with wiring rather then cutting and painting.

Just to show you my awful work area. Girlfriends dog crapped on the floor right there too.

This is what im working with here. Problem is the software that sends text to the lcd requires a parallel 8bit interface. This lcd has a 4bit interface. This is where the fun part happens.

I need to tap wires into the highlighted pins here to send the other half of the signal. I found this out by tracing the little lines and looking at the pdf for the chip.

just to show you hall small it is and what im working with

this is the best non blurry picture i could get of this part. You cant even see it but I have succesfully detached the pins from the circuit board and they are still connected to the chip and floating in the air. I did this because 2 of these non used pins had traces going to them which i believe led to ground. Here is a tip guys cuz I know a lot of us need to lift pins just like this. Dont heat it up and dont try to desolder it, especially since its so small. By heating it up chances are your going to strengthen the bond or burn the ic. I simply stuck my miniature screwdriver under the pin, and moved it away from the IC rather then prying upwards.

What I need to do next:
Tap wires to those pins and interface to the parallel port connector. I havent done this yet because my soldering skills are terrible and I need to get something special to do this. I also need to interface the rest of this lcd yet and get some red leds to backlight it. I already bought some but i burnt them out with the soldering iron (didnt i say i suck at soldering?) This is taking a lot longer then I want and im pretty frustrated. First I order the wrong lcd, then I realize I didnt buy all the little parts I need. I got to radio shack and spend 15 bucks on a potentiometer, a knob, 2 leds and a 15pin connector. 15 bucks! That means ive speant 20 bucks on this project when a retail one would be 40 and the retail one would be usb and a lot prettier! Oh well.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


             At least it's a homebrew worth 20bucks  :)  


As soon as I get a new job and buy a new soldering iron I can finish this.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN