Added the PS1 and PS2 pages to the Wiki

Started by RARusk, January 24, 2006, 04:38:18 PM

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I said many months ago that I would add page on the Wiki that outlined where to find the RGB and sync signals from PS2 motherboards. Tonight I finally added it to the Wiki. As a bonus I also added a page on where to find the sync signals on PS1 motherboards.

After making my little announcement about the page I lost momentum and stalled. But it was actually a good thing since in the meantime I picked up a SCPH-50000 PS2 unit (for about $40 at a local pawn shop) and a PSOne unit (from a local Goodwill Computerworks for about $10).

But now the pages are up and ready to be used by the RGB mod community. Tell me what you guys think.
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I linked your article from the ps2-scene forum here, you'll have to have an account to read (they try to avoid legal harassment from Sony) but it looks like an interesting variant. He has found a switch that disables the sync-on-green mix. Maybe a combination of these two methods would be ideal.