Neo-Geo Pocket cartridge measures

Started by Taiyou, January 10, 2006, 04:59:07 AM

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I'm in the process of design a Neo Geo Pocket color flash-cart for development. I have the pinout and correspondencies between a EEPROM and the cart, but I need to know the measures of the cart. Thus: the width and length of the pins and the distance among them.

I tried to measure it myself but I don't have that precission. I think that all pins have 1 mm of width, 7 mm of height, except for the VCC pin (18) that has 6 or 5 mm of height. Also, I think that the distance among pins is 0.25 mm, and the width of the "separation" between the two groups of pins is 1.5 mm.

I plan to create my own cartridge board so I need that the measures are exact. So if anyone can help me telling me the exact measures of the pinout of NeoGeo Pocket would help me a lot.



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