Problem with the Gamesx main page

Started by TJ_Kat, December 25, 2005, 04:52:39 AM

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The left column of the main page is hiding somewhere beyond the left edge of the page.

Peeking at the source, the line
seems to be the problem.

If you change "-160px" to "160px" you can see the whole page again. I dunno if it's a typo, of if you intended something else by that.


The page was optimized for 800x600 displays.  In order to keep the right side from disappearing under the google ad, the main column had to be shifted to the left.

I'm curious about your setup.  The page displays fine on all three browsers (OP, IE and FF) and in any resolution over 800x600 it works just fine.  If you're having trouble, I gots to ask: What's wrong with you?  ;)

Is anyone else having trouble with it?


yeah, I figured the google ad was the cause for whatever had changed.

I'm using opera 7.23 (yeah, it's old, I know) at 1024 x 768.

dug out netscape and even IE and it shows up for them. It would seem my aniquated browser is ignoring the center tag then =\ kept putting off upgrading until after I format my computer, but perhapse that shall change...


I code all my pages for Opera first, damned good browser.  8.5 is much better than 7.anything, go and upgrade now and live a great life.  =D


yeah yeah. Like I said, I've been planning on reformatting my computer to get rid of all the unwanted crap that had accumulated. Didn't want to install something new when I was just going to format everything right away. Unfortunately, backing up the crap that I DO want is taking much longer than expected.

Anyway, upgraded, page works fine, but the browser doesn't support my skin properly anymore =(


Me too, but that's because I am using a PSP. I can't see the navigation bar.
Plus, I got an Out Of Memory error on your site.


Well, no offense, but screw the PSP.  =)

You prolly got an out of memory error 'cause the main page is massive.  I should trim it.


QuoteWell, no offense, but screw the PSP.  =)

You prolly got an out of memory error 'cause the main page is massive.  I should trim it.
Dont trim it, thats clearly a psp problem. Yeah the day websites are made sucky for PSP friendliness is the day i burn my pc.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


I do worry about the main page size though, it's bloody massive.  I've only trimmed it twice in two years, and only because I lost a few revisions of the page.  

I won't be supporting PSP until after I make it celphone friendly.  And that's been, what, five years in the making and I've gotten, oh, six pages done?  Bah.  =)