Mega Drive MK1 Problems.

Started by Razyman, December 21, 2005, 05:08:48 AM

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I got huge asss problems with a sega mega drive mk 1 I found. The case paint work was fucked somebody drew on it with marker pen and shit, the console worked how ever the controls were messed up and mixed up, some buttons would not work and some was mixed around e.g pushing c woudl pauser the game  :huh: .

But Anyway cutting long story short first issue was case so I went down got some silver metallic spray paint (cos it was cheap) Idea was jsut to touch it up a lil but it turned into too much of a pain in teh ass and I spray the whoel thign silver  :lol:  (it isnt that bad accualy)

So case sorted, now the controls, i thought I will just soak the bloody controlelr ports and circuitry with computer solvent. A couple minutes of doing so I load up my classic Desert Strike, The fucking buttons wouldnt work so after shouting and raving "what the fuck!" the controller worked!! so I was liek woo and moved on the next issue.

Overclocking! So Got a guide read and made checks everythign was a go. So first off i thought I would make the halt switch before cutting and wiring stuff up, So i did. I booted it up with a copy of Mortal Kombat 3 this time Played about on it (controllers working) and then I tried the halt switch...hazaaa the game paused and the sound didnt, good sign as I didnt connect the soudn chip up.

So I went abotu the task of making the frequency switch, I made it after lots of argo with my solder Iron. AFter I doen that I switched the switch to the original sega MD freq of about 7mhz (not being accurate) and Darkness!  :blink:  pissed off I tried it in higher freq mode And still darkness...:( I tried Sonic 1. At the normal 7mhz freq, black and at the higher freq it works! well atleast the game the sound has huge ass glithcing problem.

But to my horror the fucking controlers packed in agian! I know this isnt teh controllers I got 4 all working and no problem. So WTF is going on? I got a good guess teh reason why the lower freq wont work is because of crpa soldering but I have absolutly no idea why the controlers are packing in with this sega.

To releave my stress I played on my other Sega and played SOR2 with my Friend lol.

Can somebody suggest reason for the:
o.controllers packing in, suddenly works then stop working.
o.any over reason apart form crap connections why the sega wont run on low freq

please help someone asap. Here is a pic of the sega and no funny comments it was not planned :) lol

oh yeah sorry abut rubbish grammar I am in teh middle of modding a NES ready for EBAY :)


Trying my best to be brief... In your place, I would have removed the PCB from the case before painting. It's possible that the silver paint has metallic flakes that got into the case and are causing shorts. Not short pants, but inadvertant closing of circuit pathways.

About your controller problems? The intermittent nature suggests a short somewhere at one of the decoder chips. Given that Megadrive consoles are really cheap, it's not worth replacing the chips since they're custom IC's made by Sega and not easily sourced without scavenging them from another board. There are also resistors and little filter components that keep the plugging and unplugging of controllers from creating sparks or shorts that might have gone bad. So this is not only hard to fix, but time consuming as well.

Sorry I can't be more help. Nice looking case though.

-KKC, who has to go back into work today. Dammit.


Yeah I sprayed the case seperately, weoudl it be possible to outline briefly the proceddor of sorting the controlelrs without replacing the chip. Tine is not a issue :D lol  


This is the funniest damn thread we've had in years.