Original Famicon power supply and RF?

Started by ido8bit, December 08, 2005, 08:06:43 PM

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I've got a few original 1st generation Famicons, but no power supplies or cables.  

Does anyone have the specififcations of the original power supply?

Is the RF output just a straight through cable, or does it have a circuit in it like the NES cables?  What channel does it output on?

I know it would be easier to just use one of my Famiclones with AV outputs, but for some reason I want to set one of the original ones up without modifing it.

I have a Japanese TV that should be a perfect match for the Famicon (the case is even the same shade of red), so I won't need to convert any signals.  


Famicom (and most other Japanese AC adapter requiring consoles) require 7.7V-12V DC adapter capable of delivering 700mA, center polarity must be negative.

The original Famicom supply is 9v @ 850mA. If you only need to test the consoles for a relatively short period, you can use up to a 16V supply.


Gah, wasn't logged in again. Forgot to mention, the RF thing is passive, you can directly connect the RF output to your TV's coax or use any generic "RF adapter". You don't even need the Japanese TV, it should come in on cable channels 3-13 or 93-99, remember cable.