Naked365: An NFG look at boobs

Started by NFG, November 27, 2005, 10:16:03 PM

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Ladies and gentlemen, for the next one year NFG Games will be presenting a boob a day.  Or more.  Breasts from video games, in all their pixel glory.  Every day will bring a different image, a different boob, and maybe sometimes a brand new pair of boobs.

The Naked365 page!

For the first day, StormLord:


Pure genius! I love pixel boobs!

I wonder which day will be for Gals Panic, I used to play that game at the local corner store when I was 12 or so! It's hard to avoid that damn spider when you trying to uncover a boob or two!

//( . )( . )\\



Lawrence, will this be an individual or collaborative effort? That is to say, will you be seeking out boobs only by yourself, or will you accept boob contributions from third parties?

All kidding aside, are you going to be specifically excluding games that are also porn? For some reason, this exercise would be more interesting to me if the boobs being shown were incidental to the game, rather than being the only draw. Just curious to know. And now we know what you're doing instead of typing up all the hacker magazine mods you promised us back in August. :)

-KKC, insert obligatory one-handed typing joke here.


Yeah, I'm trying to avoid the hentai games, the mahjong games and the like.  That would make my job a LOT easier, but it's really kind of pointless, like looking for boobs in a playboy.

And yes, as the 'suggest a breast' link might have implied, I'm accepting suggestions and/or contributions, though I'd prefer they're not posted here where everyone else can see them in advance of the proper day.

Email your mammaries to if you've got any worth showing.

...taken out of context that could really sound wrong!


Lawrence, is the Boob feature still ongoing? I note that the main page has not been updated since the 9th of December. If it would be helpful I have some spare time tonight in which I would be delighted to submit to you 52 relevant images of boobs to backfill the missing days.

-KKC, who really needs to find more productive ways to contribute to society at large.


hah!  I want your boobs, kendrick.

I stopped the boob article while I worked on another project, something so big it'll astonish you.  Boobs will continue when this project's done (and that should be very soon).


Barring any objection, please brace for a barrage of boobs on backlog. Bueno!

-KKC, whose ability to create alliterative headlines made him the bane of any working newsroom...




Well, if you can't find them, I'm not going to help. :)

My ability to create screen shots has been severely compromised lately. I would not presume to provide you with substandard boob images. Rest assured, you will have a month's worth of boobs as soon as repairs to my wiring are complete.

-KKC, who feels a guilt deep inside his bosom.


QuoteWell, if you can't find them, I'm not going to help. :)
ah ha ha thats the line of the week everybody.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN