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Started by thermodan, November 07, 2004, 11:39:29 PM

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I have been successfully using an Official Nintendo Gamecube RGB Scart cable (black in colour) with my pal snes. Recently I acquired a second pal snes that has a 50/60Hz switch added (as per the instructions listed at, as well as having its lockout chip disabled. The rgb cable does not work with this modified snes. After turning the snes on (at 50 or 60Hz), the picture comes on but then slowly fades out (get dimmer) until it totally disappears. I have been informed that this problem relates to the capacitots in the scart cable.

However, I have aquired a second rgb scart cable that is grey in colour that works fine with both the pal sneses mentioned. I assume it is also an official nintendo rgb scart cable since it has the Nintendo logo on the AV plug, but this logo is not on the scart socket of the cable. The black scart cable mentioned above has the Nintendo logo on both the AV plug and the scart socket of the cable.

Has anyone else seen these grey nintendo scart cables ?
Were they perhaps released/bundled with the snes in Europe (I live in Australia and scart cables were never officially supported).


Hm, as far as I know, here in Spain there were no RGB SCART cables in stores at the time the SNES was sold (I didn't see them, but I was 13 years old and not into the RGB stuff yet). I don't know if in other european countries were sold (maybe in France).

The SCART cable that I bought for my GC (official, of course) did the fading effect when connected to my SNES, so I short-circuited the capacitors.


After short-circuiting the capacitors, did the cable still work with the gamecube ? (I'm guessing not).


Yes, it works fine on both my SNES and GC (both PAL versions).


The grey one with only one "Nintendo" on the plug that goes in the console is an official SNES RGB cable, one that came with new SNESes in Europe (not everywhere in Europe, so it looks like).

The black one is the official GC RGB cable.



The RGB output stages for US and PAL (may not be strictly NTSC/PAL but I've got no more accurate way to tell the difference). Neither are complete, both require some components in the cable to operate optimally. The official SNES SCART cable is for the PAL SNES. More info here.


Official SNES SCART is for PAL SNES.
PAL GC SCART is compatible with NTSC SNES. With PAL SNES it will give overly dark picture because it has components in the SCART that reduce the picture brightness.
A PAL SNES SCART on a NTSC SNES will give a very bright picture because it doesn't contain those components.
There is no such thing as a non-PAL area official SCART lead.
You can buy NTSC SNES (and PAL GC) compatible RGB SCARTs from lik sang for about 3 quid.
That is all.


Why bother?

I have the official PAL SNES RGB cable for my PAL SNES and the official PAL GC RGB cable for my PAL GC.

It isn't so hard after all, why using the wrong cable at all costs?