xrgb and vga monitor problems

Started by Daybona, November 27, 2005, 01:10:01 PM

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After playing for several hours, the monitor shuts off and makes this whirring noise like its trying to display an image but can't.

I had a space heater in my room, so the room was probably around 80 degrees and monitor was very hot when it shut off.

If I unplug everything for an hour or so, I am able to use the monitor again.

The monitor is a 21" hitachi HM-4721-D. Instead of having a cable running out of the back of it, it has individual plugs for rgb ground and sync in the back.

I've had the monitor for a year or two, however, I think the model is from 1996.

I've used a newer, smaller monitor with the xrgb2+ and had no problems. I think the problem may be with the monitor, not the xrgb2+.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


80 degrees (Fahrenheit, right?) isn't that hot. On a hot summer day it will be even higher.

Try experimenting a bit with the temperature, since after waiting (cooling?) it works again.

You mention the XRGB and think it may be cause of the problem (eventhough no relation is mentioned). Try different configurations.