Need datasheets for CXA1081 and M5205 (Oki)

Started by D-Lite, September 13, 2005, 04:00:20 PM

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I'm narrowing down the issues that occur with Turbo and PCE Duo systems, specifically in terms of CD drive performance and especially redbook audio issues.  But in doing so I need to figure out the function and pinout of two chips that appear to be critical.  The CXA1081 appears to be for error correction and the OKI M5205 appears to be a sound processor.  But for the life of me I can find datasheets for either!!

Anyone have a way to find these?  I've been all over Google and some of the free datasheet sites so far.


Note that the M5205 is also the same as the MSM5205.  It is a voice/speech synthesizer, but I still can't find it's pinout/datasheet.


Hrm, I had the MSM5205 pinout at one point.  Have you tried asking on some MAME forums?  The chip is emulated by MAME.

You might also consider the MSM6585, a version-up of the 5205.  It appears to be the same chip but better, and probably has the same pinout.  The datasheet is here:


I've been thinking about trying the MAME folks on this.  And I have that MSM6585 datasheet. Weird how OKI doesn't have the original 5205 sheet on file.  I will probably try that chip, but finding it is a pain in the ass.

I am really working on figuring out the lost redbook audio on Duo systems.  I found a fix for the issue with scratchy sound, but the fading/missing redbook is burning me up.  It is likely the 5205 or the CXA chip, but which it is I don't know.