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Mario RPG Importmod

Started by Moosmann, August 15, 2005, 01:41:53 AM

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I maked some experiments with some lockout modifications from other I-Net sides. Unfortunately my SNES do no longer work witch the "desoldered method" from the Lockoutchip or with the 2,2K resistor to GND. Maybe It works only on a NTSC SNES. The mod i tried is on a PAL SNSP-CPU-01.

However, the Mod works with Mario RPG and Bomberman-W, but not with Kirby Deluxe jpn. Kirby Deluxe works only, when I switch the snes first on, off and a half second waiting again on.

-Lift Pin 10 from the Lockoutchip so it makes no longer contact with the PCB.
-Connect Pin 4 from the U10 Chip with a wire to the place from Pin 10 (Lockoutchip) on the PCB (not on the lifted pin)
-Lift Pin 6 from U18 Chip (S-CLK)

You can also take a Hex Inverter instead the wire from U10 Chip. HC04 Input to Pin 8 (Lockoutchip), output to Pin 10 (Lockoutchip) on the PCB.

Bye Markus