Changing LED from SNES

Started by ALeXiS, July 13, 2005, 06:32:36 PM

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i will receive a snes within the next days and wana mod it (50/60hz, lockout, painting and stuff). i also want to change the red LED. my question is: what LED can i use without soldering in an extra resistor? i'm not that familiar with LED technique but i heard that f.e. red and green can changed without resistors or yellow? i know that blue doesn't work without a resistor. so if anyone can tell me what colors are ok i will be happy :)


i used a blue led with out using a resister and it works fine


i used a blue led in the past and it began to flicker after a while when i was playing. there are different blue leds out there..


The original cicuitry has a resistor built into the controller/LED board so all you should need to do is remove the old resistor, and solder in the new one.  I've used purple in the past to match the color scheme of the console.  

I've also added one to an SNES 2 (mini)