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Some misc pics...

Started by NFG, November 21, 2003, 05:07:33 PM

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Just some misc pics I've dug up in ye olde archives. 

These pads are the best in the universe.  The bottom 3 are for Dreamcast, the middle two for PS/2 and the top one's a USB pad featuring analogue, digital, 10 buttons and a mic.  ASCII made the very best controllers extant, but now that the division's been offloaded to Sammy it's anyone's guess whether the trend will continue.  They made another PS2 pad, but it's missing the B button so to match the Guilty Gear layout.  Silly.

Some pics of some MD prototype gear.  I've forgotten the source for these images.  These products were never released and AFAIK these mockups are not 'in the wild'.


So what's that bulk attached to the right? A printer or a card reader?

I like Ascii thigies too, especially the Sony licenced stick for PS1 is great.


The think bolted to the MegaDrive is a floppy drive.