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X68000 and VGA

Started by blue lander, July 02, 2005, 04:09:27 AM

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blue lander

I wired up a little adapter to use my X68000 with a VGA monitor, but for some reason everything's slightly red tinted. Things that should be white are sort of pink/purple-ish. I've tried it with two different monitors and it's the same with both. I checked the cable and there don't appear to be any short circuits, and I grounded each of the video signals individually. I can't adjust individual colors on the VGA monitor itself, so I'm going to try putting a variable resistor on the red video line and try to dim the color that way. Has anybody else had this problem?


No such problems here, the cable that I rewired for my monitors works perfectly on three different CRTs so you should not need to do anything special. If you are using a hood, if it is metal, check to make sure it is not touching a wire or exposed part once you have the whole thing closed up. This can also happen with plastic hoods if they have a shiny metallic, silvered coat of paint.


You might also pop open your X68000 and have a look at the RGB output box.  It sits on a riser above the main PCB, and has RGB adjustment pots inside.  It could be that your red level is just too high.

(note that my X68 stuff is still boxed up and I'm going by memory.  I'm pretty sure this was the RGB output port, not the Image In port!)

blue lander

Do'h! Turns out it wasn't too much red, it was not enough green. The green pin on the HD15 connector was shorting out with ground directly beneath it. I couldn't see it until I looked through a magnifying glass. Now it works fine...

...except I tried using it with my VGA-to-Composite converter, and it doesn't seem to recognize the signal. The thing should handle 640x480 resolution, but it just ignores the X68000 as if nothing's connected.


Check to ensure all the grounds are connected in your X68->VGA adaptor.  Some fussy convertors won't work if pins 5, 6-8 and 10 aren't all grounded.