Cant find tutorial to mod SNES to play EURO games

Started by muji112, June 07, 2005, 03:05:35 PM

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I have an SNES here that i cant find any online tutorials for modding. The mod chip on this SNES is F411B.

From what i've read you need to disconnect pin 4, im not exactly sure as to how i should go about doing this either, is a desoldering braid part of the equation in disconnecting pin 4??

Also after i disconnect pin 4 should i solder a wire to the now disconnected pin 4 and run it towards another part of the SNES and solder it there?

If this is the case wehre exactly do i solder the other end of the wire?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated  


can you take a pic of the motherboard? ill add the solder points then post it back


Thanks for the response, i currently dont have a webacm or anything, but as soon as i get one ill take a pic for you and maybe you can steer me in the right direction, but for the time  being can you tell me what to do with the lack of a picture or is too hard without the pic, get back to me when you can
take care bye


If your talking about about the lockout chip, then just disconnect that pin. Once doing this, you can no longer play games like Super Mario RPG and Super Street Fighter something that detect the chip is disabled. Many people run that pin to ground, but its actually serves no purpose.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


so are you abosloutley sure it serves no purpose???

If it doesnt with what reasoning do poeple do it for than??


They don't like having the pin floating around and are afraid that the electricity is going to get stuck inside the chip or something. If memory serves me right thats actually the pin where the chip gets its power, so disconnecting it disables it, and grounding it does nothing.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


actually, it's a selector pin, its the pin used to tell the chip if it is a 'lock' or a 'key'. the key config is used inside the carts, and the lock in the snes. you tell the one in the snes it's a key and the whole lockout system goes "wtf" and gives up trying.

or thats what i read somewhere.


Yeah phreak97, it's the same flaw as with the NES, that uses the same (or very similar) chip and involves also lifting of pin 4.
Basically if you read the patent, if the NES/SNES receives the wrong code, it purposely doesn't boot the game or boots a screen that says "Not compatible with x system".
But the flaw is that if the NES/SNES receives nothing or garbage, it gets stuck in a floating state, forgets what it's doing entirely and just lets you in to do what you want to.
Apart from, as stated, with software that actually checks the status of the chip.

Also, iirc people connect pin 4 to ground when they want to have a switch for selection of an enabled/disabled on/off state, rather than just to have the chip entirely disabled. May not be true though as I read it on the internet.