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Genesis Model 2

Started by Akir, June 07, 2005, 09:40:52 AM

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I've thought for a while, and I want to play imports on my Genesis. It's a Model 2 US (obviously: US is the only one with the Genesis name!)

I want to play japanese games on it.

Is there any way to do this?\

And if so, why isn't it on!?!

Edit: oops! Put this in the wrong place. Technically, Regon changing is console modding, but still... *requests lawrence to move to correct to correct place*


yeah, you can do it. google "genesis region switch" or replace 'genesis' with 'mega-drive'. or search for language switch or something, i forget. anyway, yes you can do it, and all it is is switching one line to ground as far as i remember.


I've looked, but the best I could find was a Forum with references to a MegaCD.


Here you go, you had better keep your wits about you when doing some of these mods as I think this guy's systems are Euro/PAL so don't wind up modding your stuff to 50Hz by mistake. :P