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PC Engine tiny region mod pcb

Started by grahf, June 13, 2007, 06:19:54 am

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Fist of all, i'd like to thank Moosmann for his website:  This is how I discovered the MC14551 IC. I was originally looking for a single chip solution, but 2 is small enough for now.

My goal was to make this as small as I could, and i'm pretty happy with the results. The 8pdt switches work great, but are very difficult to fit into PC Engine GT/TurboExpress. Also, i'm a little paranoid about the longevity of the 8pdt switches because of the amount of contacts. This only uses one very common switch.

Forgive the crappy pic. My digicam broke, so I used a scanner to take this. The traces were shiny, so the scanner made them look like garbage.

Its pretty straight-forward. You hook one pin to the pcb, one pin to the hucard slot. Its connections are all in order, 15-23 (skipping 18 of course). So if you wanted you could use ribbon cable.

I have a bunch of these extra, and can sell them for $20 -shipped- in the US. I know thats a little expensive, but believe me i'm not really making much profit. The ICs are cheap, but making a relativly small quantity of PCBs is pricey. I just thought it would be helpful to a few folks here.




This is fantastic, I might have to buy some from you down the road :)



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I'm intrested in one too.  Please let me know when you start accepting payment for them!


Send me a PM here, email at, or on AIM as "rioninja". I can take pretty much any kind of payment.  


This is so rad.

I have one of these on the way and I will be documenting the installation process with tons O pics!

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Got mine :) This PCB is uber small and is very well built.

Time for the install...
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