XRGB2+ problems

Started by Mr-Megalo, April 14, 2005, 06:57:02 PM

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hi peoples

I recently got an XRGB2+ to use my PS2 on my 19" LCD CTX monitor, I was wondering if you could reccomend the best way of hooking this up, as I live in the UK I have fairly easy access to 21 pin Scart cables and I am aware of the differences in how they are wired in comparison to the Japanese pinout, but I was wondering if that would be my best option or to use a different set of cables like the component or D-Terminal cables ?
do you know of anywhere besides Play-asia that sells the D-Terminal cables ? I tried to order from them recently, but they requested pics of my Credit Card, I refused and ordered from elsewhere but I dont know of any other suppliers of the D-terminal cables.

also - another Question, I have a BoardMaster Blast City style supergun, with it I also have a 21pin Japanese RGB cable, when I used the supergun & Japanese 21 pin RGB cable (yes it is wired to japanese RGB specifics) and the XRGB2+ I couldnt get a picture, at first the screen appeared out of sync, then the little window on my monitor poped up and said out of sync range - works fine however if I use S-Video or composite, does this mean I may not be able to use this monitor as I planned ? ? I haven't as yet been able to test my japanese PS2 as I only have 1 euro scart cable and an svideo cable, it works okay with svideo, do you forsee any problems if I used the D-Terminal cables ?

any advice is greatly appreciated
cheers  :D


D-terminal is component, it's just a different connector.  RGB is better than component but the difference isn't really significant.  If you can get component cables easily and cheaply, do that.  RGB is amazing compared to everything but component, and for purists there's no second best, so if you wanna be a forum troll go for RGB.

as for the second, arcade PCBs do NOT adhere to happy RS-170 standards for RGB video, and can be off-sync, non-standard Hz and very strong voltages.  The X-RGB2 is the gamer's machine, with compatibility down to 50Hz and a switch for PCB support that pops some resistors into the RGB lines to weaken the image to tolerable levels.  The X-RGB2+ is for video users and console users, not arcade gamers.  It doesn't go below (IIRC) 57Hz, and it can't cope with arcade RGB very well.

Or it could be your monitor, the XRGB does NOT change the Hz, so an upscanned 55Hz signal is still 55Hz, and your monitor may be giving an out-of-range error 'cause it's actually out of range.  Probably not the case if, as you say, it works with the encoded video.  The problem is likely the XRGB, not the monitor.


soooo - I'm gonna need an XRGB2 the non + variant for use with my supergun - are these still available to buy ? ? or does anyone have one for sale ? ?

as for the RGB, as a 21 pin 3rd Party PSOne scart lead is only about �4 I think I'll have to re-wire one  :)

thanks for your help Lawrence



righty - managed to track down the XRGB2 but I still have a similar problem, doesnt matter which way I have the switch for RGB PCB when using my supergun with my 21pin Japanese RGB lead, the screen on my LCD monitor wont hold in sync, occasionally the screen will show for a few seconds but then the window may pop up saying out of sync range.

Works fine if I use the composite or svideo output on my Supergun with both model XRGB2's but not at all with RGB

I think it could be a possiblity of 2 things

1\my monitor is not compatible with XRGB2 or 2+ when using RGB signals
2\ the RGB levels are too much even for the XRGB2 - to cure this I should add 75ohm resistors to the RGB signals

my 2nd statement is also a Question, could it be a possibilty that the RGB is overdriven ? ?

my reasoning for thinking along these lines are through a bit of testing
when using my supergun with a euro Scart lead - on my 29" Trinitron the picture is awfully bright, when using the supergun with a 14" Trinitron the picture is all . . weird - again it looks like all the picture is too bright but also looks like someone has been messing with Hue setting on the TV and the game image doesn't appear to fit on screen correctly. I figured this may be curable with an LM1881 circuit ?   :unsure:  ? (yep another question styled statement  :unsure:  )

as usual an advice or suggestions are genuinely welcomed, I'm hoping I dont have to buy a new monitor just yet but if I do - any suggestions on a decent LCD that works with the XRGB2 are also welcomed



If you want to test your monitor against the XRGB, connect it without a source.  It will output a 60Hz signal by default, and your monitor should sync to this.  Do ensure your XRGB is NOT in 15kHz mode, as this will definitely not work.

An LM1881 strips video data from composite video leaving you with composite sync.  It won't do anything to a composite sync signal.

Many arcade boards output over-bright RGB, which is why the XRGB2 has a PCB switch.  75ohms in serial along the RGB lines won't work, but you might try 75ohm from RGB to ground, but that's a wild-ass guess.


Hi Lawrence,

righty - the problem I have with the XRGB2 is the same as I have with the 2+

I have done as you suggested and connected both the XRGB2 and the 2+ to my monitor so it would sync - appeared to have worked, switched on the supergun . . . the picture that is present for a couple of seconds looks out of sync and is rolling picture - as soon as the pic a little box pops up on my monitor saying out of sync range - I noticed the numbers that were there before they dissapeared - it says something like needs minimum H 31.4khz and V 50hz (it vanishes too quickly for me to read it) am I correct in thinking that my problem is with the hori sync signal. I am sure I once read about a device that was used for DVD players to be used on LCD screens but it mentioned something about it was for use with LCD or Projection only and not CRT

times like this I wish I had a CRT VGA monitor to test with.

in regards to the 75ohm resistors - I assume you mean I should connect the one end to the RG or B line and the other end to the appropriate ground ( red ground, blue ground etc etc) - from what I understand this would help drop the brightness levels a little on the RGB lines, but would I need to add a resistor to the Sync signal ? the picture itself is perfect once I have turned down the brightness and contrast on my TV but then I have to re-adjust it for other consoles.

any ideas ? ?

Edit: I also have no sound coming out of the supergun when using my Japanese RGB 21 pin scart lead and the XRGB2 or 2+ - I take it this is because the wiring for the audio is the wrong way around - is this correct ?


Arcade boards don't always use 60Hz vertical video, and many LCDs don't go far below 60.  Some arcade boards go as low as 54Hz (Seibu's SPI (raiden fighters etc) is one) and this will definitely freak out your monitor, XRGB or both.

Sound from an arcade board should NOT be run through AV equipment like your TV or stereo.  The output from an arcade board is designed for speakers and running it through anything else is a sure-fire way to decrease the life of your PCB's amp.  Here's fun: when you connect audio to your stereo or TV, put your hand on the amp heatsink.  Hey, it's hot!  It won't be hot at all when used with speakers.


sorry should have mentioned - I can safely output mono sound either via the Scart or white Phono output on my SG as it has an inbuilt Video encoder for s-video/composite output and amp to output sound to TV safely

also the sound output from my euro scart socket is fine


hmmm  - this is weird

I borrowed a CRT VGA monitor for an hour last night - same problem.
Tested with my PS2 through s-video, works fine.
Tested supergun through s-video - works fine, but looks terrible  :angry:
tested supergun with Japanese 21 pin RGB cable - invaild sync range, this is with the XRGB2 & 2+.

I checked the pinout at the top of the 21 pin RGB cable and the pinout is the same as the one on gamesx site so I'm pretty uch stumped.
I persoanlly doubt that I have 2 faulty XRGB's or 2 incompatible monitors

any idea's anyone ?


Hi, recently purchased a xrgb2+ for VGA use on iiyama Vision Master 451 monitor.
Googled this site and made a jap21pin rgb lead using pinouts on a different thread.
When i used consoles xbox ok, ps2 ok, dreamcast ok, pcengine picture screwed/out of sync. rechecked all connections correct on scart but notice pin 16 (blanking/+5v on pcengine) not connected. Solder extra wire onto lead connecting euro pin16 to jap pin16 and also notice that some scart leads have ground connected to different pins that I have not wired through on my lead (pin4 audio ground not connected on some console scart cable/pin 18 not connected on some console scart cable /pin 17 not connected on some console scart cable (all possible grounds) and it seems that different consoles are wired to different grounds, depending where i purchased them from. Non which I wired through for jap scart. Thinking if 1 console works all will???
You've probably checked all supergun scart outputs and grounds connected to the ones used by jap 21pin, but if not maybe same problem??