Best epoxy for console modding.

Started by Shimarisu, May 06, 2005, 10:57:40 AM

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I like to mod consoles with replacement parts which are not obtrusive to the eye and basically make the console look for all the world like it was MEANT to have that extra din that simply didn't fit there in the first place. What I mean is, I'll scrap the useless RF from the board in the machine and put in a mini DIN for RGB or video which will then use the same hole in the casing as the RF did.
Therefore, no extra holes are needed in the casing.

Trouble is, there are no solder points on the board for the replacement parts, so I can't secure the part in place. I had a lot of experimentation with epoxy glue which kept on breaking after installation, but for the past two years I've used this stuff -

Without one single customer return for jobs I've taken on, this glue is still holding the parts in strong. It's EXCELLENT too for securing parts where the solder points have worn off, like when the power in socket gets worn and you have to solder a new one, except the traces have got torn off the board and the only way to fix it is to glue in as new one.

Just thought I'd share the knowledge, this glue is so good that now I've moved to Japan I actually import it here.

This glue is SO good that I've made my own security screwdrivers from bits glued onto the sawn off shaft of another screwdriver (needed the thinner shaft for many jobs), in cases where I could not find the actual complete screwdriver in Akihabara. The bits have held and I can actually unscrew stuff with these custom drivers. This is DAMN good glue.