does the saturn "no switch import" cover 3 regions

Started by thepope, November 16, 2003, 10:28:29 AM

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on the very cool mod it uses jp6-7 and jp10-11 but on a three way switch it uses jp12-13 too.

i under stand that jp12-13 switches between north and south america ,are they both still the same region?

and one more thing.... will this mod make my pal saturn change region automatically from disc to disc?


All the Saturn games that I know of use the three regions Europe, Japan or North America.
Even Brazilian TecToy games use North America settings (I tested Sega Rally, only the box and manual were altered from the NA version).

So in practise the NA and SA are the same region but on technical aspect they are different.

The region won't change automatically, it's not possible. You'll have to use the lid and reset as described in the insructions.  


Isn't brazil's settings north america and pal or something like that?

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