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Dremel Tools

Started by TJ_Kat, April 29, 2005, 07:33:03 AM

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Since hack saws suck for cutting up computer cases, and other, larger power tools don't offer the finer manuvering I'd like, I'm looking at investing in a rotary tool kit.

I'm looking for something with a good cost to quality ratio (ie: I will shell out more money to get a better tool for my dollar). Also, what kinds of bits should I be looking for? I want to be able to handle metals and polymers, and wood would be nice too. Cutting out patterns, smoothing edges, and punching holes are essential functions, and bits that could be used for more artistic functions would be nice too.

Any recommendations on what to look for, where to look, and what kind of price range to be looking at would be appreciated.


Get a Dremel standard kit.  And get yourself the "High speed cutting tool" bit.  It's a tiny bit that allows you to shape plastic very finely.  It's the only bit I use really and I use it several times per project.  Essential.


Dremel isn't a bad way to go.  I went with a Ryobi roto-tool. I got a contractor grade one because I have had dremels burn out on me in under a year and I went looking for other options.  The Ryobi that I have has been going strong for 3 years now with regular use and no problems.
   They one thing that I did and would also suggest if you get Dremel standard w/ just on-off is build a speed control.  It is just a light dimmer wired to a socket or two.  It will allow you to slow down the dremel to a slower speed to for more control.  I have found that  even my 5 speed Ryobi runs to fast on the lowest setting and can end up melting plastic with a high speed bit.  
    Alternately you can use it for soldering to control the temp of the iron.  I bought 45 watt iron and i can dial it down to a lower temp or higher depending on what you need.  I'll try and post some picts of mine that I made.  Pretty easy to do though.

Just my 2cents.


I've used a Dremel for about seven years.  Cuts through everything: steel legs for shelves, metal shielding in saturns, plastic, wood, whatever.  Very handy and versatile tool. tho it's a shame I'm apparently spastic and can't cut straight to save my life.  =D


Although I have drooled for a dremel for many months now, I have not purchased one. A halfway decent one costs 80 usd, and thats almost a whole paycheck for me. What I did purchase however is a nibbler. This little tool will cut through anything thats thin enough to fit in its tooth. I cut my case window  out with it and I am happy, although its nowhere near dremel quality. I use some molding to cover up my jaggys :)

Now that someone has mentioned using a  freakin light dimmer on the cheap one (GENIOUS!) I might purchase it. I have tried cutting out acrylic so many times with a small hack saw and it just shatters. Thanks forf the tip.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Go to Sears and get their 110 piece Craftsman set. It is made by Dremel and the only difference is the price and the sticker on the side. Sears will give it a 3 year warranty if you want for 12 bucks, up to you but it will bring it to only about 80 bucks. Any accessory that Dremel makes will fit and work. The kit comes with everything, 90 degree head, flex extension, and a metric shit load of beginner bits. If you get lucky you might find an open box at your local store for a fraction of the total price. A few times a year these also go on sale at 2/3rds price. You will not have to buy anything extra for a long time.


Ooohhh.. I hadn't thought of Sears... come to think of it, I should also check the wholesale surplus stores...

Thank you gentlemen, I am now armed with what to look for...

Of course, if my patience would kick in and override my impulsiveness, I'd wait the 3 weeks until my birthday, and drop plenty of hints involving the biggest kit I can find in the mean time. :P  


QuoteCraftsman 2.0 amp Rotary Tool Kit

Sears item #00961120000 Mfr. model #61120

2.0 amp motor delivers maximum performance across the entire speed range. Variable speed control with easy access speed dial to set speed from 5000 - 35,000 RPM. Compact, ergonomic lightweight design with comfort grip on all key areas. Replaceable motor brushes for longer tool life. Permanently lubricated ball bearing motor design for smooth operation and long life

Sears biggest kit at 99USD might sound like more than you need or want to spend but you will be set, can't find a better deal for what it gets you.

QuoteDremel 2.0 amp Rotary Tool Kit

Sears item #00961090000 Mfr. model #400-351

2.0 amp rotary tool kit with variable speed control (5000 - 35,000 RPM). Compact, ergonomic, lightweight design with comfort grip on all key grip areas. Replaceable motor brushes for longer tool life. Permanently lubricated ball bearing motor design. Standard collet and collet wrench. Includes 51 accessories packed into 2 custom portable mini-cases.

Same kit and box, fewer attachments, Dremel name instead of Craftsman, ten bucks cheaper and plenty of stuff to get you started. Oh and get yourself some goggles too. Your snazzy new mods won't look so great to you when you have a chunk of metal stuck in your eye.


I'm sure the safety glasses I had to get for Chem 111.3 will do just fine with that... I mean, they only got a little nick in them when that jigsaw blade shattered into my face.  ;)

*Makes plans to go browsing Sunday when there's free parking downtown.*