Gamboy/gba shell swtich and mod

Started by -RemovedByRequest-, April 26, 2005, 08:39:26 AM

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ok basically i want to take the guts of a game boy advance/sp and put them in a classic (original) gameboy shell. Just wanted to know if anyone had attempted anything like this before, and if its going to be to difficult to relocate batterys and buttons. The main problem was moving the shoulder buttons on to the top of the console hopefully using the 4 colour buttons from a snes controller but thats just an idea, hear is a baddly eddited picture to give u the gist any input is welcome.



hey, yeah i had read that thread, but it didnt really help perhaps i should rephrase it, i was asking for some one who had opened up a sp/advance and tell me how the shoulder buttons are connected if it cuold be moved. also PCB switch? this means nothing to me if anyone uses msn add and when u add tell me where u got my addy from and we can chat, i am looking for someone that wouldnt mind helping me out maybee with wiring in a PCB switch or two.


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I suggest that if you want to know what the insides of your GBA look like you should just open it up and see.  That's how we all learned.  =)