i just had an idea..

Started by phreak97, April 22, 2005, 02:36:06 AM

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i just had an idea.. wouldnt it be fun to put a n64 inside a snes shell? i mean, i got one into a dreamcast shell, so it wont be too impossible.. it already has a cartridge slot in fact.

the ports at the back could all be reused with the exception of the 9v input. i added a snes rf modulator to my dreamcast 64, so that's not hard.. you could make a couple of adaptors with snes and n64 extension cables, so you plug two n64 controllers into each snes port, or even four into one, you only need 6 pins for all 4 controllers.

for my d64, i ripped apart the power source brick thing and made it internal, with the original dreamcast power socket at the back of the console. so the same could be done here, but a new power socket would be required.. i dont like the idea of a snes plug with 240v (or 110 for alot of you) at the end..