DVD player having trouble with some discs

Started by Martin, May 03, 2005, 03:28:17 AM

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I have a Hong Kong Shinsonic DVD-160 machine, h4x3d to play DVDs from all countries. Anyway, on some DVDs the machine makes a really LOUD buzzing sound, I've noticed that it sometimes shuts up if I sit it at an angle, but then it damages the discs so I dunno what to do.
What could be causing this?
DVD ROM drive not positioned correctly inside the machine itself?
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Hong Kong stuff isn't THAT bad, the fact that it's all bad is just a myth because of how many cheap bootlegged goods they flog at markets.
This one was from a good DVD retailer.
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I have similar problems with mine. Of course, the reason I have problems with mine is because I accidentally dropped it off a 5 foot high shelf onto concrete. Personally, I'm surprised mine plays ANY DVDs.

That's probably not helpful to you, but who knows, maybe yours got dropped off a shelf befor you bought it... *shrug*


All I can tell yous is that any cd drive I have ever had in my computer has made a very loud buzzing noise whenever putting a scratched up disc in it. I didn't know you had to mod DVD players for regions...
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