A look inside the PAL TurboGrafx

Started by NFG, April 13, 2005, 12:51:17 PM

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A while ago I opened up this rather rare beast and took a few pics.

The system is a very attractive grey colour instead of the North American version's black.

This is the mainboard, featuring the same 3 chips as every other PC Engine and Turbo* system ever made.  Note however the extra Sony CXA1145 chip, which converts the RGB output from the system into PAL-friendly video.  The system runs at 50Hz, so it's slower than the JP and US models.

The logo's different and there's an AV port where, on the US model, there's an RF port.

Note the crazy pinout, completely incompatible with the US and JP systems.  Same number of pins but weird spacing.


I've got a couple of these, one I've been trying to sell for a bit.

Question is, can the system be modded for NTSC?  Should be, yes?  I believe it's easy to switch the CXA1145 to output 60 Hz, but does the system clock run at 50 Hz too?


it's easy to switch the encoder to 60hz? its the same chip as whats in the md/genesis 1, it outputs what it is given, you give it rgb 60hz, itll output composite 60hz. give it 50, you get 50.. maybe what you are confused with is switching from pal to ntsc, which is quite simple if you know what youre doing.. just whack a new crystal (with a few extra components) on pin 6 with the subcarrier frequency for either pal or ntsc and it should work fine. wont affect your refresh rate though.


I've actually never powered mine up, but I'd be stunned if the system wasn't running at 50Hz as I suggested above.  If you want to make it NTSC compatible, tap the signals before they reach the CXA.  You can get RGB and NTSC video off the HuChip that does the video.

After you make it 60Hz again, of course.


as i said, you can change the subcarrier frequency to the rgb encoder to make it output composite ntsc.. i did it in my megadrive


Yeah phreak, that works but the thing about the TG is the video chip that is already there ONLY does NTSC video.  You're talking about tweaking the CXA chip which is more work, IMO, than tapping the signals already present.


Hmmm, the crystal from the PAL Turbografy is clocked 17,7344 Mhz...
As far as i know the NTSC Turbografx/PC Engine ist clocked 21,47727 Mhz.

I remember me from the 1Chip SNES 50/60 Hz Mod

Maybe you can get 60 Hz to change the 17,73.. Mhz xtal to a 21,47.. Mhz xtal ?

The other crystal I think its only for the Sony CX Videoencoder PAL Video signal.

Bye Markus


what must i do , if i want 60 hz. have you a manual ?


I have acquired a PAL Turbografx.

Opening it reveals the same insides as the pictures above, I replaced the crystal with one of correct frequency for 60hz - I receive a black and white (NTSC?) picture over composite video.

I RGB modded the PAL Turbografx and I receive a colour picture over RGB.

So it seems this crystal is for PAL/NTSC only.

How may I set the PAL Turbografx to 60hz?  :)  


just got a message saying this topic hant been posted in in 120 days, but whatever.. i have both region tg16s, i can tell you what crystals are different if you want.


Quote from: phreak97 on November 02, 2007, 08:10:10 PM
just got a message saying this topic hant been posted in in 120 days, but whatever.. i have both region tg16s, i can tell you what crystals are different if you want.

HI Phreak97, I would REALLY like that info.  :)


hey, i completely forgot, do you still need that info?


Is it still possible to play imports with a HuCARD adapter on a PAL system, albeit slowed down to 50Hz?
I've been thinking about picking one up for a while but am reluctant due to my lack of knowledge regarding the PAL version.


Considering the cost I don't know why you'd bother, but it shouldn't be difficult at all.  I've never tried it, but I'd be prepared to say 'yeah it'll work'.


There's not that big a price difference here in the UK between PAL and NTSC TG16s.

A mint TG16 will set you back about �49.

A mint PCE, will set you back by about �100-300 depending on where you buy.


I've just modded my PAL TG16 to play US/JP games using the following guides:



Might attempt a 60Hz hack now too!



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