Mod and Switch a SNES

Started by -RemovedByRequest-, March 31, 2005, 03:11:15 AM

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Hi there this is a bit of a long story but here goes i own 2 UK SNES (standard) and a UK SNES Switched that i bought already modded, how ever on my swtiched snes u cant use the ariel cable ther eis no output u need to use the scart (running of a gamecube cable) and teh casing is also extremly yellowed.

i have never soldered or done anything of this nature before so what i really wanted to know was

are there any online sites that will give a step by step tutorial, and sell required parts and is it possible to switch it with losing use of teh ariel i also wanted to know if it is possible to change the led power to say a green led and can u buy the tool need to open the case i find cartridge "keys on ebay" but not console ones

thnx for takin the time to read this hope to hear from sumone soon


phreak97 has basic instructions on how to perform the mod, there are other places online too. look it up on google search for snes lockout mod or snes 50/60hz switch.
you can find the screwdrivers on ebay, theyre called gamebits or gamebit screwdrivers

yes, you can replace the led. just desolder the old one, or just cut the wire legs off it if its too hard to desolder, then solder in the green one, make sure the led is the right way around, and youre set.


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Hello, sorry when i get on the old internet i kind of go in to a cut down language, damn those sms's.

After posting this message i have managed to find many online help pages and ordered myself a gamebit after learning the correct name so thank you very much.

I will finish my project shortly, just one more coat of paint...when it is finished i will post some images. The internal wireing is a little hagard but as a first atempt i am quite happy with it, at least it works!