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laptop lcd pinout?

Started by phreak97, May 29, 2005, 11:03:19 PM

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i found a box of laptop:P that is, someone pulled it completely apart, put it in a box, then dumped it on the footpath for garbage.
the display is in tact, the drives and ram are gone. the battery might be useful, but i dont need much help with that.

ok, in short, i have a display from a toshiba satellite pro 440cdx and i'd like to know the pinout.



Pretty sure this has been covered before.  Laptop LCDs are digital and typically use a proprietary interface to the video chip.  You'll never use that screen, is my belief.


I believe you can get adaptors for (some?) laptop LCDs, to allow it to connect to a standard video card... not sure where though.
Otherwise it's very hard, as Lawrence said.