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S-video Parts?

Started by Drewman21, March 05, 2005, 07:34:56 AM

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Just looking around trying to find mountable/solderable/ and or gold femail S-video plugs.  Want to take a poke at Atari mod with it but dammned if I can find them other than Digi-key.  Kinda sucks too becasue i only live like a 1 away from where they are setup in Minnesota.  Just can't go on in and get what i need.
Eh radio-shack sucks too now that they are cutting back on individual parts.
Any suggestions?


Given that there are so many defunct and broken VCR's left in the world, I never buy those kinds of components individually anymore. I always end up scavenging RCA-type connectors and S-video connectors from other existing video devices. It's easier enough to desolder the larger connectors and re-use them by mounting them to smaller PCB boards. It's also environmentally friendly, because every little part I reuse is that amount of metal that doesn't have to be mined and manufactured.

In your place, I'd go around to pawn shops and garage sales and look for the broken gear. Offer single-digit dollar amounts for the stuff they can't sell anyway, and some stores may end up giving it away to you just to get rid of it. Just make sure you don't end up with a whole bedroom full of broken A/V equipment like I've got. :)

-KKC, who built a custom S-video connector for his Commodore monitor by using parts from a busted old Direct TV receiver.


QuoteEh radio-shack sucks too now that they are cutting back on individual parts.
THANK you. I've been trying to get someone to agree with me on that forever...  :P  


Well, us Britons have a shop called "Maplins"

Comes in handy for parts