Hacking Console Lcd's

Started by atom, March 23, 2005, 11:44:28 AM

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Months ago I walked into EB and saw this little LCD for gamecube. It was 40 bucks so i said what the hell, and it is one of the worst LCD's ive ever seen. After opening it up I see the Model: Sharp LM6Q401. On the back panel I see 6 wires,  RGB, CSync, 12v and GND. Im pretty sure the reason the picture was always so bad was for a couple reasons. One, upon inspection of the connection to the NGC, it uses composite video with a cheap  converter on the PCB! YECK!

Anywho tommorow sometime I am going to mount this baby to my side panel, do you guys think I should leave the it all intact or use just the screen? It had a  pretty good little SRS speaker system. Will upload pics of the video card \ lcd hackery.
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With a $40 LCD you're gonna get a shitty picture no matter what source you feed it.  Terrible contrast, blacks that are never better than grey, is the worst problem.


Atom, I would use just the screen, or make some sort of custom surround for it. I've been looking for a cheap LCD to tink around with, one that I can totally destroy and not feel too bad.  I'll have to frequent my local EB more often. Or, maybe the addictive eBay. Maybe not.  
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Haven't quite got around to it yet, should do it saturday though!
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN