Eu Alien Soldier To American Genesis 1?

Started by Guest_zach, March 10, 2005, 01:24:52 PM

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I recently bought a Genesis model 1 with some games, both American and JP carts.  I clipped the tabs, and the Genesis plays JP imports no problem...yesterday I purchased the EU version of Alien Soldier for the MegaDrive...will I need to make further modifications to my Genesis to play this title (perhaps a conversion cart?), or will it play normally?  Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.


You'll need a 50/60Hz switch since AS won't boot up in 60Hz.

To my memory, after the game has booted in 50Hz you can switch to 60Hz with no problems apart from a messed up weapon select screen (I think I played up to the 10th stage).


if you do the 50/60 mod and want to leave it on 50 you wont get colour unless you play via rgb. to play composite on a non native frequency theres an additional mod involved and your tv has to support it.

i say cope with a messed weapon select screen, oh and a 16.7% faster game;)


Thanks for the info, much appreciated.  This will be my first time tinkering with the internals of a Genesis.  I'll poke around for some faq's with pics on how to do the deed.  This is exciting, as I am a noob with this type of mod.  Plus, if I screw something up, I'm only $20 in the hole.  If anyone knows of a good walkthrough, please post a link.  Thanks again.


Well, I got it done last night.  Nice clean solder work all around.  Alot easier than I expected, so.  Drilled a hole for a SPDT switch after testing it.  Now the moment of truth awaits...Alien Soldier.