Which one's right!?!?

Started by Electric Rain, March 25, 2005, 04:18:24 PM

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Electric Rain

I'm building an Atari 2600 portable, and I need schematics.  I've found three different schematics in my searching.

Kevin's: http://www.tripoint.org/kevtris/2600/2600schemo.html

Dan's: http://atarihq.com/danb/a2600.shtml

AtariAge's: http://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/sche...2600A_High.html

Problem is, none of them are the same.  I started on the power section.  I haven't compared other sections very much yet, because I've been baffled at the power section.

I want to use Kevin's schematics because they're the simplest.  Can someone tell me what (if anything) is WRONG with Kevin's schematics?

1.  It looks like Kevin screwed up the placing of that 4.7K resistor.  It's after the diodes, but on the other two, it's before the diodes.

2.  On Dan's schematics, that power filter cap is only 220uF.  However, on the other two it's 2200uF.  (I think the correct value is 2200uF...)

3.  There is also some confusion on those caps near the "end" of the power section.  It seems as though Dan and AtariAge have them the same way, but Kevin cut some out.  Is this because he cut out the modulator and therefore doesn't need them?

4. Also, Dan and AtariAge's reset generator is the same, but Kevin's couldn't look much different.  I see he used one of the sections leftover from the 4050 he used in his video mod.  Why is this, and will it still work right?

I'm sure there are other differences as well.  So, basically what I'm asking is, can someone tell me if there's anything in Kevin's schematics that needs to change?  Thank you.


P.S. Do I need that last schematic on Kevin's page?  The one labeled 2600 IF? Or can I cut it out since I won't be using RF?  I don't see what other purpose it serves...

P.P.S. I can't afford to kill Stella! She's expensive!  :P