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The Big Question

Started by Computolio, February 13, 2005, 02:54:01 PM

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Why was the X68000 never released outside of Japan? I would've bought (ok, if I wasn't 8 years old) one back in the day. I can name (after showing them the specs/game screens) at least 10 people I know who would've done the same. So what happened? Would it have just been too expensive?


WAY too expensive, and undermarketed to boot.  Sharp's TV division was responsible for its creation, and it was not often sold in computer stores.  The launch model X68 sold for about $3300 in 1987 dollars, about $5250 USD in today's dollars.  So we're talking dual G5 prices, with a big cinema display and all the extras you can name.


   So if they were so expensive, why were so many games produced? Was there eventually a low-end model or something?


Remember this was during the dawn of Japan's bubble economy.  They had more money than nearly anyone, jobs for all, and a Yen that was skyrocketing in value.  Luxuries were the norm - witness the Skyline, the automobile equivalent of the X68000 (IMHO).  Ludicrous excess because, well, why not?

And it must be said that there really weren't that many games produced for it, not compared to the PC, the ST, or the Amiga or MSX.  


   Also keep in mind that people paid a lot more for computers back in those days - 286 machines cost what, 2 grand? Let's also not forget the fact that some Mac models soared close to $10,000 back in the dizzay.