Where Can I Buy Usb Plugs Online?

Started by phreak97, February 24, 2005, 02:22:53 PM

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i am after two male usb plugs and one female.. i need the ones that go on the end of a cable.. not the pcb mount ones.
anyone know an online store which has these and will ship to australia?


Typically I find it cheaper to buy a couple of USB extension cords and cut off the end you don't need.


that'd work for the female one if i got a thin cable.. but im putting the plug on an existing cable.. joining a thick usb cable to a thin cable isnt terribly pretty.. even shrink wrapped properly
but if im not going to get them, ill tell my friend to buy the real cable for $15


I have found for me at least,  USB, S-Video, DVI, and other newer style plugs are impossible to come by without hacking up a cheap cable.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN

Electric Rain

Oh, I'm sure Digikey has what you need. They have everything.



yeah, jaycar have half the male one:/ its the metal bit out of the moulded conections, like they expect you to have the whole plastic injecting machine with the mould for a usb connector or something


I would have thought they'd sell the hoods as well...
of course there's always duct tape ;)