Light Gun Help Needed!! Please?

Started by just4fungames, February 12, 2005, 08:39:20 AM

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:(  I have been trying to find a light gun that will work with the FC Game Console made by Yobo Gameware.  I tried the Atari Light gun because the system has a 9 pin D shaped controller input.  The TV screen did light up when the gun was fired and it did make the gun sound, but it would not register a hit.  If anybody can help, it would greatly be appreciated.  If you want to see a picture of the system, please go to my EBay auction at the following link:
Thanks in Advance, just4fungames


if you cant find a third party tvgame gun as comes with alot of pirate nes/famicom systems, then you can always use a nes zapper and replace the plug with a db9 as the following site explains:

the console you have is a standard pirate nes/famicom and most likely has standard nes format controllers with a different connector. this also means you can do this for official nes controllers and use them on the pirate system.

(i say 'pirate' but unlike software piracy, these famiclones are a welcome topic here (lawrence please correct me if i am wrong))


I dunno that Famiclones are welcome ANYWHERE, but I don't consider the hardware discussion of a cloned system to be breaching my random rules.  =)


what kind of harware is in that console? would it be a whole mobo, or a nes on a chip? in any case, i am seriously concidering bidding..

EDIT: famiclones are welcome at my house;)


i bought it, and its extremely nice for a clone.

the controllers are standard nes format, with a db9 instead of a nes plug.

the zapper uses those two seemingly undocumented extra data lines on the nes controller port. i have added data2 and data3 to the following pinouts, so anyone can make a complete converter, not just one that will work with standard controllers. i have tested a powerpad and the zapper on the fc game console and both worked no problem.

corrected "*" text:
*On my famiclone these were connected, but theres nothing to say other consoles wont ignore these.


EDIT: famiclones are welcome at my house;)

Famiclones sucks I bought one before and it lasts for only a month


these ones have slightly different internals to the others, most of the others all have the same three pcb's inside, the ones this guy is selling seem to be a new revision. i've had no problems with the two i have here now, apparently the sound isnt perfect, but i had never noticed, so i couldnt care less really. as for lasting a month, i know the guy who resells these as part of a small business (the starter of this topic in fact) , the only complaints he's had to my knowledge, have been about the controllers, and thats just whats being talked about here. and i have successfully played with both the snes controllers, regular, and dogbone, played duck hunt with a zapper, and played dance aerobics with my 1986 family fun fitness "Control Mat" (its a power pad, before it was called a power pad..)
the thing works fine, even came with a fami->nes adaptor.