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Started by NFG, November 04, 2003, 08:12:21 PM

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The other day we went to Akihabara and I picked up some stuff for the computer.  For quite some time I've been sharing 1 floppy drive between 3 computers, so I bought two new drives - Y1700 each, one red face and one black.  Yay for floppy drives.  Or something.

Bought a keyboard - it sucks ass.  Tiny backspace key, oversized return key, backslash is in the wrong place and the Del/End/PgDn row is shifted down a row so it's always being bumped by the fingers trying to use the arrow keys.  Also if you hold CTRL your repeat rate nosedives, so I've shoved it back in the box.

Bought a new mouse, the Masamune Shirow model from elecom.  Shirow's one of the kings of Japanese sci-fi manga, and elecom accounts for 40% of the Japanese peripheral market (mice, keyboards, etc).  Anyway, it's super sexy, have a look:

Inside the mouse, if you're so bold, you'll find Shirow's signature octopus:

The mouse itself is your standard cheapo 2-button+wheel mouse, with practically no mass.  It's surprisingly comfortable tho, not bad for Y2500 when I've seen 'em online for four times that.

Akihabara was packed.  Sunday on a long weekend with unseasonably warm temperatures saw record crowds (as far as I can tell) as this picture shows:

And we had lunch at our favourite ramen shop, and based on the line outside it's the favourite of a few other people.  Never less than 35 people in line that afternoon, and at the peak I counted 47 people.  All this for a restaurant that serves only ramen and has seating for about 20 people, shoulder to shoulder. They take your order outside, so you're in and out in 10 mins.  The recognize me and they're very friendly to us.

That's all for now.


so did you find a wonderwitch?

oh and fix that image tag, I'm lazy and don't feel like copy+paste :D