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Overclock My N64

Started by Bill, February 02, 2005, 02:36:58 AM

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Ok a few questions

If its pal will it make any difference?

If its black or grey will it make a difference?

is it worth it (i play Perfect Dark 4-player alot and will this help with the lag?)

does it get to hot (will i need to install a fan?)


also any advice on fitting a new LEDs to the console would be much appreciated :)


No, PAL will work fine too.

You may run into the freezing problem with black ones. I've overclocked three black ones, the two PAL ones work without a problem, but the Jap one, which did work fine, now freezes all time.

4 player PD will still lag, but it is better.

No, the heatsink seems to cope alright.