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Ctx 2085

Started by kripp, February 19, 2005, 01:10:21 pm

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I want to test out the BNC mode on this monitor. All the stores are closed and don't have enough BNC connectors. The only console ive got that I can pull the RGB from would be my SMS. Using this pinout...


I can't get things going, mind you I only used 4 of the 5 BNC connections. The R/G/B and V-Sync. There is a HS/CS BNC connector on the back, I assume that this is the Horizontal Sync. On the pinout I was using there was no mention of Horizontal Sync at all.

Any insight would be appreciated.



HS/CS is Horizontal/Composite sync.  The SMS outputs composite sync, not H/V sync.


Still no luck with this.

On another note, I can't get the monitor to display anything in BNC mode. Ive taken the Xbox Hi-Def pack and connected it to the monitor aswell. No picture what so ever. The only thing left to try is a DVD player.

Im sure ive read that this particular monitor does support Sync on Green. This should allow to me to atleast use the Xbox with it?



You're going to have to get VGA mode going in order to use your Xbox with this monitor, whether via BNC or anything else. None of the cables you are using have the ability to do this. You can either mod your Xbox to output VGA, spend a little money on a transcoder like the X2VGA or another generic one (which will work with other component-capable consoles), figure out how to build your own transcoder, or use an upscan converter of either cheap (crappy) or well-made (XRGB2+) quality (which will set you back about 200 dollars but work with all of your consoles--not just the component ones).


No need to go down the $200 path, ive gotten it to work just fine. I had to switch around a BIOS or two and enable the Hi-Def modes within the MS dashboard. Im doing the ol' trial and error thing to figure out which HD mode works with both the monitor and the TV. But as of now, no media or applications will boot with this setup. The more I read the more I figure that most media/applications will need to be patched for this to work.

But the work week begins and this all goes on the back burner!