Genesis/MD2 problem with 1 controller pad after...

Started by Sonikku, October 26, 2004, 05:39:26 PM

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hi guy,
for first i apologize for my poor english....
i have a little problem with the guide on

The language switch it's ok, but now the first joypad (A,B,C Start) are going crazy...  :blink:
only for the first player (2nd player it's ok!)

Start don't work
A don't work
B is B+C
C is Start


someone can help me? I can send a scan of the pcb portion.
Please help me.


if u can help me, write me here or on [NFG Edit: Email removed by request]
Many thanx


i'have solved with a very little bridge ;) from the pin of joypad's port to the pcb upper side (on the interested point) eh eh eh

Attention when you use a cutter!!!


forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Yes! ^___^
Do you like pizza? :D

I have solved both language & ntsc/pal switch....

I'm now into another project: convert a Pro-fighter ~like arcade 8 button~ joystick multisystem (neo-geo, amiga, genesis-md ~but only 3 buttons, damn!~, snes/sfamicom) into a joystick for genesis-md 6 buttons...
i hope.

Ciao! ;)


I love pizza.
Good luck with your project! We have talked about similiar things before on previous threads.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN